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cosmic ground

The Watcher / Vaporized Artefacts

deep distance

very limited (300 only) cream 12"

Released: 7th Jul 2017

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a killer mini LP / extended EP featuring 2 side-long epics of mind-altering kosmische.

2 previous outings on the label sold out in the blink of an eye & this is expected to follow suit. Still THE go-to face for Berlin School obsessives, T.Dream heads & the mind-frying, sequenced workouts of Klaus Schulze. These 2 jams were originally produced during the creation of the mighty “Cosmic Ground III” LP in Spring / Summer 2016 & appear on vinyl for the first time here. Dirk himself says of “The Watcher” that he feels it’s a more “typical CG track & could have appeared on the first 2 LPs”, whilst ‘Vaporized’ is a personal favourite of his describing it as a more “hypnotic, rhythmic affair- a bit different. Recorded as ever using analogue modular synthesizers & other 70s synthesizer & keyboard stuff. Much of the changes & movements in the tracks were generated during & through the mixing process.” Both are extraordinary pieces, truly great psychedelic, kosmische workouts that come hugely recommended. this is a one-time pressing of 300 on cream-coloured wax…..


The Watcher / Vaporized Artefacts