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kelley stoltz


castle face


Released: 11th Aug 2017


LP + download

Released: 11th Aug 2017


the current echo and the bunnyman player and bedroom-pop auteur delivers a glorious summer pop record, with one foot in lofi homespun tuneage and toes of the other in the glitz of Fleetwood mac and songsmithery of british indie-past.

Stoltz embraces his best synth-pop tendencies, with this incredibly self-assured set of tender tunes, combining in his own hangdog fashion both a disco-lit abandon and the attendant post-party sighs of dread and remorse. good times all-round for people who love things like cleaners from venus, pulp, kevin morby and white fence, with the vintage psych-factor teetering between 60’s colour and 80’s jangle. “…the richest, most diverse, and interesting-sounding album he's done yet, with the songs to match… some truly fun, weird, and inspired modern pop.”  8/10 - allmusic



  1. ?m Here For Now
  2. Tranquilo
  3. Get Over
  4. Feather Falling
  5. No Pepper For The Dustman
  6. Looking For A Spark
  7. Same Pattern
  8. For You
  9. Possessor
  10. Walking Against The Greenlight
  11. Empty Kicks