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wolf alice

visions of a life

dirty hit


Released: 29th Sep 2017

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limited indies-only green 2lp + download

Released: 29th Sep 2017

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180g 2lp + download

Released: 29th Sep 2017


their sophomore cycles through moods & genres at tremendous speed, utilising sublime shoegaze, moments of aggressive, fuzzy punk & more delicate, melodic numbers that emphasise ellie’s serene vocals: we’re wolfing it down.

the beautifully paced, sweet & slow-burning ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ is a dizzyingly romantic track that tells of the delicious agony of unspoken love. Intense emotion of a quite different kind pervades ‘Heavenward’, written about the death of a friend. It’s one of the biggest songs they’ve ever done; a cloudburst of shoegazey guitar & vaulting vocals. Listeners will be surprised, meanwhile, by ‘Beautifully Unconventional’, a muscularly grooved beast of a track that’s a sister in spirit if not sound to Bikini Kill’s ‘Rebel Girl’. if you love this record as much as we do, you should also be very comfortable with honeyblood, big moon & daughter. “These are anthemic, headlining songs from a band fast becoming one of our finest” 4/5 - q, “It has a head, a tail and a massive great beating heart. Their time is now” 4/5 - mojo.

visions of a life


  1. Heavenward
  2. Yuk Foo
  3. Beautifully Unconventional
  4. Don’t Delete The Kisses
  5. Planet Hunter
  6. Sky Musings
  7. Formidable Cool
  8. Space & Time
  9. Sadboy
  10. St. Purple & Green
  11. After The Zero Hour
  12. Visions Of A Life