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relatives in descent



Released: 29th Sep 2017


lp + zine + poster + download

Released: 29th Sep 2017


limited indies only blue lp + zine + poster + download

Released: 29th Sep 2017


a series of unlikely anthems, both beautiful & brutal, these claustrophobic & serrated post-punk oddities will thrill fans of Ought, The Walkmen, Liars, Hey Colossus or The Fall - their 4th full-length has pretty much blown everything else they've done out of the water.

Their Domino Recordings label debut offers new layers & new insights, without sanding any of the edges born from their days as a Detroit bar band. Greg Ahee’s guitar still crackles & spits electricity. Casey's voice continues to shift naturally between dead-eyed croon & fevered bark. Drummer Alex Leonard & bassist Sco Davidson remain sharp & propulsive, a rhythm section that’s as agile as it is adventurous. the band’s long-simmering vision for something more complex but no less visceral has resulted in their most urgent & impressive output to date.


relatives in descent


  1. A Private Understanding
  2. Here Is The Thing
  3. My Children
  4. Caitriona
  5. The Chuckler
  6. Windsor Hum
  7. Don't Go To Anacita
  8. Up The Tower
  9. Night-Blooming Cereus
  10. Male Plague