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Ty Segall

Fried Shallots

Drag City


Released: 25th Aug 2017


you know ty – these are premium cuts of hyper-adrenalised garage rock with the gears shifting and stripping, tempos and tropes mashing up, and primal outbursts.

this collection is a handful of numbers from different times and places over the past few years that all work together in a weird way, and beg to be played very loud even when the songs are sometimes quiet. this fabulous wee 12” is a quick-and-fuzzy soundtrack of rock, folk, r’n’b and pure power pop. quality. brings both the eternal comfort of his garage rock and the joy of something new and mellow. – pitchfork, “Not to be missed!” 4.5/5 - soundblab

Fried Shallots


  1. Big Man
  2. Dust
  3. When The Gulls Turn To Ravens
  4. Is It Real
  5. Another Hustle
  6. Talkin'