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Ninja Tune


Released: 22nd Sep 2017


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Released: 22nd Sep 2017

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He writes with a maturity & flair that belies his 25 years & this record sees him edging beyond the peripheries of the genial, often sun-flecked sound his fans have come to know him for.

On “Wallflower” the tools & the process have evolved - the focus is on live instrumentation - but the groove & the cadence are unmistakable, framing soul & jazz in a truly vibrant oeuvre that simultaneously recalls his predecessors The Roots & peers The Internet, Nick Hakim & Hiatus Kaiyote. Jordan considers “Wallflower” his most personal work yet - it’s an emotive opus inspired by his own struggles with introversion & anxiety. Sonically lush & complex, yet lyrically relatable & unguarded, listeners are offered a glimpse into the mind & artistry of a musician who grapples with his own self- image & fears every day.




  1. Eye To Eye
  2. May
  3. Sorceress
  4. Nerve
  5. Goodbyes
  6. Clues Blues
  7. Chemical Coincidence
  8. Carnation
  9. Lucid
  10. Hiding Place
  11. Wallflower (feat. Kaya Thomas-Dyke)