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Memory Of A Cut Off Head

castle face records


Released: 24th Nov 2017


2lp + download

Released: 24th Nov 2017

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very limited pink 2lp + download

Released: 24th Nov 2017

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…in which john dwyer’s gang make gorgeous, psychedelic folk-rock look preposterously easy, replete with hushed vocals, baroque arrangements and sun-flecked vibes.

Album #20 sees the rebadged collective hark back to their solemn early works, albeit with a proggy, ensemble feel to proceedings. it also brings Brigit Dawson’s formidable talents to the foreground, her wonderful vocals playing off dwyer’s in a sonic marriage so effective in its strange prettiness. It’s an album for nuzzling under blankets too, which begs the question: is there anything that they can’t do? “A surprising mutation, for anyone familiar with Dwyer at full-tilt, but ‘Memory Of A Cut Off Head’ proves his magic straddles genres.”  8/10 - uncut

Memory Of A Cut Off Head


  1. Memory of a Cut Off Head
  2. Cannibal Planet
  3. The Baron Sleeps and Dreams
  4. The Remote Viewer
  5. On & On Corridor
  6. Neighbor To None
  7. The Fool
  8. The Chopping Block
  9. Time Tuner
  10. Lift A Finger