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fuzzed in europe


limited indies only green / black splatter lp

Released: 27th Oct 2017


Goat have sifted through all their live recordings from their Europe ‘requiem’ tour and have painstakingly picked out these 6, mind-melting tracks of vibrant, spiritual energy.

They settled on these tracks in particular because they differ greatly from their original studio counterpartd. Goat’s live reputation is second to none – since their first public shows in 2012, they have stunned audiences across the globe. The band’s brand of dancable, tribal psychedelia is guaranteed to create mass hysteria from the wanting crowds – Goat know how to create music that is made for the ‘head’ as well as the ‘body’. this is a great document of their immersive power to cherish, it celebrates band completely at the top of their game. 

fuzzed in europe


  1. Talk To God
  2. Time For Fun
  3. I Sing In Silence
  4. Gathering Of Ancient Tribes
  5. The Sun The Moon
  6. Run To Your Mama