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nicolas bougaieff

COGNITIVE RESONANCE (limited white label)


limited white label 12"

Released: 29th Sep 2017


this blink-and-miss-it white label release mixes techno and psytrance with the erudition of an academic and the abandon of a former raver.

there is a tangibly inquisitive spirit to his productions, his music here exploring elements of acid, gabber and techno through a compositional lens. The title track lays out long, expansive phrases and warped crescendos to create a disorienting structure, whilst distant harmonies, distorted kick drums and shattering effects merge into a hypnotic form on ‘Truthful Hyperbole’. Lastly, ‘Fake News’ mangles our sense of rhythmic familiarity, disrupting the 4/4 beat with a complex metre and sinister melody. ace.

COGNITIVE RESONANCE (limited white label)


  1. cognitive resonance
  2. truthful hyperbole
  3. fake news