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belle & sebastian

How To Solve Our Human Problems (Parts 1-3)



Released: 16th Feb 2018


limited edition 3x12" boxset

Released: 16th Feb 2018

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compiling 3 eps of the same name, this 15 track collection hums with a creative energy that expands into many genres, but always harbours their elegant handling of pop melodies at its core.

Murdoch, as ever, is not the only writer. Sarah Martin (violin/ vocals) brought in the delicious ‘The Same Star’, which marries Belle and Sebastian’s melodiousness to a pounding Motown backbeat. “It’s not a song we’d laboured over playing for months - it fell together quite quickly thanks in large part to Bob’s [Bobby Kildea, guitarist] enthusiasm and Stuart’s willingness to dismember an old song and repurpose the break, so that it wasn’t just the same three chords over and over and over.” “alongside characteristically stylish pop gems, there’s frosty electronica, politicised euro-pop, fuzzed up ‘60s r&b and what sounds like an acoustic Donovan demo” – uncut.

How To Solve Our Human Problems (Parts 1-3)


  1. Sweet Dew Lee
  2. We Were Beautiful
  3. Fickle Season
  4. The Girl Doesn’t Get It
  5. Everything Is Now
  6. Show Me The Sun
  7. Same Star
  8. I’ll Be Your Pilot
  9. Cornflakes
  10. A Plague On All Other Boys
  11. Poor Boy
  12. Everything Is Now (Part Two)
  13. Too Many Tears
  14. There Is An Everlasting Song
  15. Best Friend