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Golden Teacher

No Luscious Life

golden teacher / warp records


Released: 3rd Nov 2017


lp + download

Released: 3rd Nov 2017


a truly fantastic record that builds and finesses the outernational dancefloor moves and leftfield pop music of their killer run of 12"s.

the Glaswegian punk funk outfit put out an eclectic mix of vital electronica, Senegalese-style drumming patterns and moreish pop hooks. As ‘No Luscious Life’ is the band’s longest offering of new tracks to date, it’s about time: a pop funk essay against wage labour and its lassitudes; a drum-driven homage to Senegal’s legendary poet Aby Ngana Diop; a propulsive ballad about two star-crossed lovers stuck downtown in the middle of an interstellar journey; a sweet and low last dance upon the stage of Liverpool’s late, great Kazimier club; a disorienting dive backwards into early terror of the animate shadows of childhood; a harvest song sung by machines in the autumn sun of a fully automated society; and the impressionist clamour of the eponymous grand finale's tentative chamber music. Recommended if you like Ibibio Sound Machine or hieroglyphic being.

No Luscious Life


  1. Sauchiehall Withdrawal
  2. Diop
  3. Spiritron
  4. The Kazimier
  5. Shatter (version)
  6. What Fresh Hell Is This?
  7. No Luscious Life