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The Belbury Circle

Outward Journeys



Released: 3rd Nov 2017



Released: 3rd Nov 2017


these joyfully reimagined soundscapes draw heavily on late 70s and early 80s synth pop; With driving rhythms, soaring lead lines, primitive sampling, and fluctuating textures, a restless excitement runs through the record that we can’t help but give in to.

this is The first full-length LP for the collaborative project between Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle) and Jim Jupp (Belbury Poly). John Foxx features on vocals and synth on two tracks, ‘Trees’ and ‘Forgotten Town’. Brooks and Jupp go back to their musical roots with this release, but there’s no weird children’s TV or haunted soundtracks here – it’s a hugely cohesive and engaging record. we recommend for fans of john carpenter, tangerine dream and survive.

Outward Journeys


  1. transports
  2. forgotten town
  3. heading home
  4. light industry
  5. trees
  6. cloudbust five