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deaf havana


so recordings


Released: 27th Oct 2017


purple lp

Released: 27th Oct 2017


including the explosive original album, this includes a wealth of alternate versions for nigh on every track.

This album expands the band’s sound to an almost unrecognisable degree, seeing them create the most eclectic, envelope-pushing album of their 11-year career. This creative inquisitiveness resulted in multiple approaches to each track, as you can hear on this expanded edition. Fans of lower than atlantis, you me at six, and twin atlantic will love this.



  1. Disc One Ashes, Ashes
  2. Trigger
  3. L.O.V.E
  4. Happiness
  5. Fever
  6. Like A Ghost
  7. Pretty Low
  8. England
  9. Seattle
  10. St Paul's
  11. Sing
  12. Pensacola, 2013
  13. Cassiopeia
  14. Anemophobia Part Ii
  15. Sickago
  16. Disc Two Ashes, Ashes (Reworked)
  17. Trigger (Reworked)
  18. L.O.V.E (Reworked)
  19. Happiness (Reworked)
  20. Fever (Reworked)
  21. Like A Ghost (Reworked)
  22. Pretty Low (Reworked)
  23. England (Reworked)
  24. Seattle (Reworked)
  25. St Paul's (Reworked)
  26. Sing (Reworked)
  27. Pensacola, 2013 (Reworked)
  28. LP Ashes, Ashes (Reworked)
  29. Trigger (Reworked)
  30. L.O.V.E (Reworked)
  31. Happiness (Reworked)
  32. Fever (Reworked)
  33. Like A Ghost (Reworked)
  34. Pretty Low (Reworked)
  35. England (Reworked)
  36. Seattle (Reworked)
  37. St Paul's (Reworked)
  38. Sing (Reworked)
  39. Pensacola, 2013 (Reworked)