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The Skids

Burning Cities



Released: 12th Jan 2018


deluxe 2cd with 4 bonus tracks

Released: 12th Jan 2018


limited RED lp

Released: 12th Jan 2018

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the Scottish post-punk pioneers triumphantly return with a frantic fifth album that tremors with ideological outrage and pummelling riffs, four decades after their original conception in 1977.

Stepping in for the late Stuart Adamson is his long-time Big Country band mate Bruce Watson. “This music is at the heart of everything our band is about: truth, revolution, loud guitars and a refusal to keep quiet as the establishment tries to smother chances for anyone other than its own.” – Richard Jobson. “In 1977, we were singing songs about what we saw as a world in crisis”. says Jobson today. “Today that message is more relevant than ever. ‘Burning Cities’ is packed full of punk rock protest songs.” “savage and scything guitars, a raging growl of vocal, and short sharp slabs of punk aggression” – uncut.

Burning Cities


  1. This Is Our World
  2. One Last Chance
  3. Kaputt
  4. A World On Fire
  5. Burning Cities
  6. Up On The Moors
  7. Refugee
  8. Subbotnik
  9. Kings Of The New World Order
  10. Into The Void
  11. Desert Dust
  12. dulce et decorum est (pro patria mori) (live at the roundhouse) [deluxe 2cd only]
  13. working for the yankee dollar (live at the roundhouse) [deluxe 2cd only]
  14. charles (live at the roundhouse) [deluxe 2cd only]
  15. the olympian (live at the roundhouse) [deluxe 2cd only]