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Mercury's Rainbow

modern love

limited edition 2lp in reverse-board gatefold + download

Released: 1st Dec 2017

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After nearly a decade in the making, Zomby finally dispatches ‘Mercury’s Rainbow’, his astonishing dedication to Wiley’s series of Eskibeat releases, aka the cornerstone of grime.

its dizzying stew is concocted with computer-game blips, disjointed grime cut-ups and whipflash arpeggios - an expressively avant spin on the Wiley’s garage originals. the effect is of loosening up and liquefying the Eski riddims into sinewy constructions that both sliver and confront. ‘mercury’s rainbow’ plays like an alternative history of grime, where machismo was sublimated for abstraction.

Mercury's Rainbow


  1. Mercury’s Rainbow
  2. Choke
  3. Poison
  4. Static
  5. elvaux
  6. Silver Ocean
  7. Immersion
  8. Waterfall Of ice
  9. Rigamortis
  10. Whirlpool
  11. Tet5uo
  12. Solar Ashes
  13. Horizon
  14. Patina
  15. X Ray
  16. Atoms