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harbinger sound

limited (300 only) 10"

Released: 12th Jan 2018


If you're into the basement recordings and squeals of artists like Kleenex or Rubella Ballet amongst others, or if the attitudes of anarcho-punk or riot girls strike a chord, then this band is for you.

this Very limited 10" pressing of the debut recordings from Berlin-based post-punk band is a visceral slice of underground history.



  1. Omni
  2. Abgeschminkt
  3. Fortuna Kauft Mir Was
  4. StraBe
  5. Laub
  6. Tiefschlaf
  7. Zigarette
  8. Roboratten
  9. Keine Tierre
  10. Zer- Reihen
  11. Verlebt
  12. Polonaisendrang
  13. Glarreis - SchiB System !