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go go penguin

A Humdrum Star

Blue Note


Released: 9th Feb 2018


2lp + download

Released: 9th Feb 2018


limited red 2lp + download + limited signed 12"x12" print

Released: 9th Feb 2018

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Elegantly majestic, as if Michael Nyman, Cinematic Orchestra and 4Hero collaborated on a frenzied, expansive jazz excursion.

Although released on Blue Note and categorized as “jazz”, this is a record that confidently crosses, merges and warps so many genres that every time it’s on the Resident stereo, a steady stream of customers of all musical persuasions come to the counter to check out what is delighting their ears. Serious jazz boffins. Post-rock head nodders. Late-night Ibiza clubbers. After-party  chill-seekers. Cosmic worshippers. All are catered for, as the appeal of this record is far-reaching, bringing together double bass twang and slide, shimmering piano motifs, drum ‘n’ bass rhythms, electronic beats and 90s’ house grooves, to create energised, refreshing and contemporary soundscapes. Whilst “Humdrum Star” celebrates the success of their previous outings, it also plants them firmly in the future.

“an energized sound... the band’s new album takes hold right away and sustains an upbeat groove… It’s a piano-driven blend with all the traditional aspects you’d expect from the genre while still scanning as something refreshingly vibrant and contemporary.”—Pitchfork

“To ask whether GoGo Penguin plays jazz misses the point of the sense of adventure in contemporary popular music... They are experimentalists in pursuit of superior improvisational music. The groove matters most... the trio knows what it’s doing and does it exceptionally well.”—Wall Street Journal

A Humdrum Star


  1. Prayer
  2. Raven
  3. Bardo
  4. A Hundred Moons
  5. Strid
  6. Transient State
  7. Return to Text
  8. Reactor
  9. Window