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trouble in mind


Released: 9th Feb 2018


limited rainbow splatter lp

Released: 9th Feb 2018

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This incredible quartet defies adequate description, incorporating elements of free jazz, psychedelia, punk, Ethiopian and Thai music and funk into a dizzy, invigorating sound.

this is psychedelia in the purest form –completely free with its imaginative helter-skelter jams, and not a delayed guitar or motorik beat in sight. at once writhing and squawking with heady desert vibes and white hot saxophone, and easing back into a contemplative political charge the next, these guys make us think of preposterous combinations like group doueh, john zorn, gun outfit, miles davis and thee oh sees locked in for a spiritual road trip of transcendent proportions. “The psych ensemble's LP channels free jazz, Thai folk melodies and mutant funk…Sunwatchers digs into a righteous and raucous fervor, knowing that before you can heal a universe, we must heal ourselves” – npr, “righteous, freedom-seeking jamming” 8/10 - allmusic



  1. Nose Beers
  2. The Hot Eye
  3. There Are Weapons You Can Bring To School
  4. Silent Boogie
  5. The Works
  6. Flowers of The Water