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Machine Head


nuclear blast


Released: 26th Jan 2018


cd + bonus dvd

Released: 26th Jan 2018


2lp picture disc

Released: 26th Jan 2018



Released: 26th Jan 2018


this eruption of pain & fury, hope & joy, melody & savagery is a metal epic worthy of Homer or Dante (if they were into squealing guitars, crunchy basses & blistering kick drums).

By far the most hard-hitting album they’ve ever made, both musically & lyrically, it sustains their long tradition of writing songs about the real world & the authentic, heartfelt emotions that define the human condition. Instant classics like the thunderous, riff-driven ‘Beyond The Pale’, the lurching grooves & gutter poetry of ‘Triple Beam’ & the grinding psychedelia of ‘Kaleidoscope’ are among the most evocative & powerful that Flynn & his band mates have penned to date, while snarling, thrash’n’roll bruisers like ‘California Bleeding’ & the Lemmy-saluting ‘Razorblade Smile’ revel in Machine Head’s thuggish, obnoxious side. if you like lamb of god, devil driver, or trivium & haven’t encountered these guys yet, now’s the time.