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Tal National


fat cat


Released: 9th Feb 2018


lp + download

Released: 9th Feb 2018

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likely the most joyful, easy-going music to emerge from 2018, the west African band’s groovy riffs hit the ear in waves of rhythms that beg you to dance – there’s no point trying to resist.

At their core, Tal National's intense, exuberant sound aims to make the people dance &, boy, does it deliver! Performances at the Niamey nightclub they run are raucous 5-hour non-stop dance parties for 300 people a night. With 'Tantabara' the band continues their ongoing quest to translate that energy to tape, bottling the party for personal use. fans of songhoy blues, imarhan, tinariwen & orchestra baobab will adore this. "an aggressive blend of prog — precise, raw guitar leads and over-the-top waves of polyrhythms just daring you to sit still" 9/10 - exclaim!



  1. Tantabara
  2. Belles Reines
  3. Entente
  4. Duniya
  5. Akokas
  6. Pama
  7. Trankil
  8. Aminiata