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Wharf Cat


Released: 16th Mar 2018


lp + download

Released: 16th Mar 2018


the band temper noisy experimentation with cool-headed, shoegazey post-punk - no age fans are going to love this.

the songs, coupled with the nervous energy behind them, propel ‘800’ forward more than anything else. their dense riffage & thumping drum machines are brought to the forefront with greater clarity than ever before. The prevailing mood continues to be a kind of melancholy reminiscent of the romanticism in 80s new wave, cemented by Jenia Bichovski’s punchy vocal delivery & impressionistic lyrics. We hear him plead with various friends or lovers throughout, reminisce about his youth on ‘13 Again’, & grapple with his complex feelings about Kiev on the My Bloody Valentine-esque ‘Night Lamp’. no age fans need to hear this!



  1. Reflection
  2. Ashley
  3. Yonder
  4. Introducing Yourself
  5. 13 Again
  6. Night Lamp
  7. Some People Have All The Luck