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Boy Azooga

1, 2, Kung Fu!



Released: 8th Jun 2018


limited edition (first press) pink lp + download

Released: 8th Jun 2018

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shifting through  70’s sun-kissed harmonies to moments of rave-tinged rock, the musical exploration led by Dave Newington takes us on a weird, wild and wonderful adventure.

the soundtrack to our summer has arrived in the shape of this hotly tipped welsh act, full of hook-laden choruses, heavy guitar riffs and free-spirited fun. taking influence from acts as varied as can, happy mondays & mac demarco, their debut album flows from beautiful widescreen instrumentals to psychedelic dancefloor-fillers, making this a highly memorable debut.


1, 2, Kung Fu!


  1. Breakfast Epiphany
  2. Loner Boogie
  3. Face Behind Her Cigarette
  4. Walking Thompson's Park
  5. Jerry
  6. Breakfast Epiphany II
  7. Taxi To Your Head
  8. Losers In The Tomb
  9. Hangover Square
  10. Waitin'
  11. Sitting On The First Rock From The Sun