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Dedekind Cut




Released: 30th Mar 2018



Released: 30th Mar 2018

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Cavernous, swelling kosmische, new age sounds with a primal undercurrent and some crisp electronic production makes this album land somewhere between a jodorowsky soundtrack for a new world and the post everything electronica of visible cloaks. It’s an utterly immersive world that he’s created that’s suitably every bit as enormous and absorbing as the mountainous region that ‘tahoe’ resides in with the gentler edges touching upon stars of the lid at their most syrupy and the harsher reaching tim hecker levels of abrasion; it’s rare to find ambient albums this completely and utterly captivating through and through.



  1. Equity
  2. The Crossing Guard
  3. Tahoe
  4. MMXIX
  5. De-Civilization
  6. Spiral
  7. Hollow Earth
  8. Virtues