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la luz

Floating Features

Hardly Art


Released: 11th May 2018


limited indies-only gold lp + download

Released: 11th May 2018


this album bottles the bleached sunshine and unsettling shade of the los angeles of the imagination with eleven songs of surf-noir indie-pop perfection.

these songs are all palm frond silhouettes and fatalistic 5 a.m. drives, full of heat, melodrama and devil-may-care fun. it’s dreampop where the dreamstate has got the acid come-down built-in. here lies mystery, beauty, light and tinges of darkness. it’s veronica falls under a different sky, chastity belt gone hookey, and beach house after frolicking in the waves. “Floating Features hits the ear and satisfies as much as a California-grown avocado, buttery and smooth” 9/10 - exclaim

Floating Features


  1. Floating Features
  2. Cicada
  3. Loose Teeth
  4. Mean Dream
  5. California Finally
  6. The Creature
  7. Golden One
  8. Lonely Dozer
  9. Greed Machine
  10. Walking Into the Sun
  11. Don’t Leave Me On the Earth