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Challenge Me Foolish



Released: 13th Apr 2018



Released: 13th Apr 2018


this almost lost album of µ-Ziq material circa 1998-99 is definitely worth re-exploring; a record on which we find him producing music that was baroque, melodic & whimsical, while the IDM movement he was lumped in with made music that was often neurotic & complicated.

His taste for melody & dreamy beauty above roughness & intricacy confused people who were hanging on too tightly to the rules. He even brought in Japanese vocalist Kazumi, adding an extra human touch. ‘Challenge Me Foolish’ is something of a companion to the Royal Astronomy record; arguably even better given the fresh ears selecting the material. It’s imbued with a confident sense of pastoral colour, & a gentle optimism, utilising bells, studied orchestral arrangements & airy synthesisers that sit the album somewhere between, Jean Jacques Perrey & the colourful, optimistic soundtracks of Joe Hisaishi.

Challenge Me Foolish


  1. Inclement
  2. Undone
  3. Challenge Me Foolish (ft. Kazumi)
  4. Bassbins
  5. Robin Hood Gate
  6. Perhaps
  7. Durian (ft. Kazumi)
  8. Ceiling
  9. Lexicon (ft. Kazumi)
  10. Perfame
  11. Playbox
  12. Sad Inlay (ft. Kazumi)
  13. Peek Freans
  14. DoDaDu (ft. Kazumi)