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Jeffrey Lewis


don giovanni

limited indies only cd

Released: 13th Apr 2018


the cult anti-folk troubadour covers songs by the singular nyc cultural figure, Tuli (Fugs) Kupferberg – the results charming, ramshackle, interesting, and inspiring.

Tuli died in 2010, and every year since lewis has organized a tribute concert to the man he describes as “not quite a songwriter but just a general creative, satirical, philosophical character, and a real New York City original.” the selection picks from solo and fugs material, including obscure side-projects and unrecorded poems. It makes for an obscure but accessible album from the king of that kind of thing, and as always riyl kimya dawson, adam green/moldy peaches, and daniel johnston.



  1. What Are You Going To Do After The Orgy
  2. Try To Be Joyful
  3. Morning Morning
  4. I Wanna Hold Your Foot
  5. Not Enough Loving
  6. This Is A Hit Song
  7. This Train Is Bound For Brooklyn
  8. Carpe Diem
  9. Love & Ashes
  10. Hypothalamus
  11. Life Is Strange
  12. Listen To The Mockingbird
  13. The And Song
  14. I Was Much Mistaken
  15. No Deposit, No Return