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Whale City

the leaf label


Released: 1st Jun 2018



Released: 1st Jun 2018

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we're massive fans of all things fat white family related here & this lot delight in messing with your brain with songs that at ear’s glance sound like good ‘ol barroom rock n’ roll, but thrum with weirdo energy and psychedelic fervour.

taking a trip with this acid cowboy & his band, is like finding out what happens when a great western USA roadtrip takes a detour through the neon underbelly of las vegas. imagine steve albini gone hillbilly and you’re in the neighbourhood, but nowhere near capturing the good times you’ll be having with warmduscher. riyl fat white family et al. “… deliciously sordid…To dive into 'Whale City' is to immerse yourself in the stranger side of rock & roll, but it's worth losing your mind over” 8/10 - allmusic

Whale City


  1. Bright Lights
  2. Standing On The Corner
  3. Big Wilma
  4. 1000 Whispers
  5. The Sweet Smell Of Florida
  6. No Way Out
  7. I Got Friends
  8. Whale City
  9. Straight To The Top
  10. The Beginning
  11. Summertime Tears