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christina vantzou

No. 4



Released: 6th Apr 2018

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Released: 6th Apr 2018


the Belgium-based composer’s fourth in her evocative series of albums ventures further into the elusive and evocative mode of ambient classical minimalism which has become her signature.

it is a fragile synthesis of contemplative drift, heady silences, and muted dissonance. the album – both restful and unsettling at times - incorporates a diverse array of musical and conceptual collaborators, including Steve Hauschildt, Forma, Angel Deradoorian (ex-Dirty Projectors), Clarice Jensen, Beatrijs De Klerck, and members of Belgium’s Echo Collective. Despite such a spectrum of input the eleven tracks feel distinctly cohesive, weaving elegant textures and resonant open spaces within a twilit landscape of eclectic instrumentation. piano, harp, vibraphone, voice, strings, marimba, synthesizers, gong, and bells elevate these pieces above the churning drone. riyl sarah davachi, stars of the lid, deaf center et al. “This is a body of work to be truly listened to; allow yourself the time, be free of distraction and the combination of electronic and acoustic elements will genuinely transform you.” – louder than war

No. 4


  1. Glissando for Bodies and Machines in Space
  2. Percussion in Nonspace
  3. At Dawn
  4. Doorway
  5. Some Limited and Waning Memory
  6. Staircases
  7. No4 String Quartet
  8. Sound House
  9. Lava
  10. Garden of Forking Paths
  11. Remote Polyphony (feat Steve Hauschildt)