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virginia wing

Ecstatic Arrow

fire records


Released: 8th Jun 2018


indies-only blue lp + poster + zine + download

Released: 8th Jun 2018


lp + download

Released: 8th Jun 2018


this band have bloomed into kaleidoscopic art-pop luminescence, transcending their icy experipop foundations and arriving into a brave and brilliant new world.

if broadcast and stereolab were their most obvious touchstones before, now they step-out into new pastures inspired by talking heads, yellow magic orchestra, and holger czukay. there is a new joy in their music, which still bears the dna of experimental beginnings, captured artfully in first single ‘the second shift’, which sounds like an end-of-the-evening dancefloor-uniter recorded in a hollowed-out swimming pool. this is a compliment, for this is a band that has always been prepared to challenge but now willing to explore sentiment, clarity, and optimism. “reminds us of the astonishing things you can do with pop music if you dare defy conventions...superb” – the quietus

Ecstatic Arrow


  1. Be Released
  2. The Second Shift
  3. Glorious Idea
  4. Relativity
  5. For Every Window There's a Curtain
  6. The Female Genius
  7. Eight Hours Don't Make A Day
  8. A Sister
  9. Pale Burnt Lake
  10. Seasons Reversed