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Released: 6th Apr 2018



Released: 6th Apr 2018


FLAMINGO TOURS from Spain play their very own mixture of rhythm’n’blues, rock’n’roll, exotica and a touch of soul, surf and garage music.

You can hear rockin’ guitars, a rhythmic beat, an incredible soulful female voice à la Etta James, Gizelle or Derriere ‐ elements like a dreamy steel guitar here and a groovy hammond organ there, and naturally you can also feel the wild Spanish temperament. After their debut album “Right On Time” on A‐WAMBA RECORDS and two 7”s, their second album is released on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS in co‐production with LA CUPULA MUSIC. “Lucha Libre” starts off with the rockin’, wild “Guerrero”, introducing singer Myriam Swanson’s powerful voice, which is absolutely breathtaking. The off‐beat vocal‐surf‐tune “Mexican Dogfight” fits in well among the cool bartune “Sangrita” with its jazzy hammond‐organ and beautiful Spanish ballads such as “Si Me Abrasas” and “Agarrame”. The dramatic rhythm’n’blues‐tune “It’s Cheaper” instantly gives you goosebumps and charming singer Myriam Swanson almost sounds like Amy Winehouse. “Dance To The Devil” opens up the B‐side as a fun rok’n’roll dancin’ tune and with “Dia De Muertos” follows a slower, smooth exotica‐tune. Finally the band even adds some country‐elements like steel guitar and accordeon, to the Mexican/American‐sounding “Rosita Went To Jail”. So make sure to save yourselves a copy of “Lucha Libre”, the simply fantastic second album by Barcelona's highly talented FLAMINGO TOURS!



  1. Guerrero
  2. Si Me Abrasas
  3. Mexican Dogfight
  4. Sangrita
  5. It’s Cheaper
  6. Dance To The Devil
  7. Dia De Muertos
  8. Savages
  9. Agarrame
  10. Rosita Went To Jail