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mark kozelek


caldo verde / Rough Trade Records


Released: 11th May 2018


peak kozelek in the best possible way, his self-titled opus represents the zenith of his automatic writing, hotel room confessionals, finger-picked mini-epics and existential musings.

at 88-minutes this one feels Proustian in scope, and compellingly answers the question of how far one man can go in pursuit of his art. it makes doe a profound statement, and the natural conclusion of the chapter of his storied career that started with ‘benji’. take it home, stick it on, and drift into the dreamy diary world of a singular artist, where orangina and death share sentences and it all somehow feels right. “this is one of Mark's most revealing, life-affirming, and envelope-pushing releases to date” – the needle drop



  1. This Is My Town
  2. Live In Chicago
  3. The Mark Kozelek Museum
  4. My Love For You Is Undying
  5. Weed Whacker
  6. Sublime
  7. Good Nostalgia
  8. 666 Post
  9. The Banjo Song
  10. Young Riddick Bowe
  11. I Cried During Wall Street