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Zeit (RSD18)

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record store day exclusive 2018 - tangerine coloured 2LP - import

Released: 21st Apr 2018

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After selling-through on 2200 copies of Tangerine Dream's debut album as part of RSD's Black Friday 2017, Varese returns with their third album and first breakthrough record, Zeit.

This double LP was the first with the main trio of Edgar Froese, Peter Baumann and Chris Franke. Each side features only one epic song varying in length from about 18 minutes to almost 20 minutes. The cover of a solar eclipse is widely considered iconic in the genre. Pressed, appropriately enough, on Tangerine colored vinyl, in fitting with the cover as well as the band name. First Movement - Birth Of Liquid Plejades Second Movement - Nebulous Dawn Third Movement - Origin Of Supernatural Probabilities Fourth Movement - Zeit

Zeit (RSD18)