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The Glitch Mob

See Without Eyes

Glass Air


Released: 4th May 2018


Limited clear light blue 2lp + download

Released: 4th May 2018

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get psyched – here’s the massive new record from the high NRG electronic crew who are here to give you adhd if you don’t have it already with their lazer guided, drop heavy, deeply fractured dance/pop music.

the glitch mob have found a way into the cerebral cortex and have their hand on the tap of yr endorphins. our ferg has this down as perfect urban walking headphone tuneage, and he knows a thing or two about making the most of his commute. riyl Gudrun von laxenberg, awolnation, emancipator, and even those mad mall hits from the last oneohtrix album. “The Glitch Mob transcends mere EDM. Sure, their huge beats are a perfect draw at massive outdoor festivals marketed to millennials, but few electronic artists are able to aestheticize glitches to their degree while still retaining their songs’ inherent accessibility and danceability” - tinymixtapes

See Without Eyes


  1. Enter Formless (feat. Rituals of Mine)
  2. Take Me with You (feat. Arama)
  3. Disintegrate Slowly
  4. Keep on Breathing (feat. Tula)
  5. Come Closer
  6. I Could Be Anything (feat. Elohim)
  7. Interbeing
  8. How Could This Be Wrong (feat. Tula)
  9. Go Light
  10. How Do I Get to Invincible (feat. Ambré)
  11. Way out is In