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Mika Vainio

Lydspor One & Two (Blue TB7 Series)

Moog Recordings Library


Released: 8th Jun 2018



Released: 8th Jun 2018


the sadly departed finnish musician and producer’s last solo recording takes the form of this album-length sonic journey at  moog studio, which gives us a serious bout of the dark chills.

intense and minimal, it takes the form of two vinyl-sized side long pieces of drones, pulses, and eeriness. the Moog Recordings Library is aimed at broadening experimentation with high spec analogue and digital electronic instruments. get deep into your headphones with this one. riyl alva noto, ryojiu ikeda, and senking.

Lydspor One & Two (Blue TB7 Series)


  1. Lydspor (Part 1) 20:00
  2. Lydspor (Part 2) 19:37