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It All Worked Out Great

Balley Records


Released: 8th Jun 2018


LP + download

Released: 8th Jun 2018


ambitious post-punk with a playful attitude that tends towards jazz-like excursions; this is the first band to be signed to idles’ frontman joe talbot’s label.

Drawing influence from an abrasive clutch of early post-punk groups such as The Fall, Psychic TV, Pere Ubu and Public Image Ltd., LICE’s lyrics deal with subjects such as xenophobia and misogyny through first-person monologues and short-stories (designed to confront listeners with their own hateful impulses and biases). Originally released as 2 limited edition CD-Eps, this 'early years' collection features songs that are a staple of their live set, having been honed, changed and finally completed.

It All Worked Out Great