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Blood Wine or Honey

Fear & Celebration

do right! Music


Released: 8th Jun 2018



Released: 8th Jun 2018


ritualist dancefloor experiments that’ll leave you absolutely breathless; driven by motorik drums with waves of, funk, post-punk & electronica crashing over you, the party atmosphere never stops.

made up of a trio of multi-instrumentalists based in hong kong who honed their manic, hypnotic sound experiments in industrial warehouses and hidden rural hamlets, the record culminates in a rigorous, painstaking writing and recording process where blending lo-fi electronics, group chanting, woodwind and percussion became the norm. fans of the last poets, tv on the radio and can should seek this out.   

Fear & Celebration


  1. Fear & Celebration
  2. The Undying Overrated
  3. Loosefoot
  4. Orwellian Woman
  5. Peak Helium A
  6. Anxious Party People
  7. The Forest Is Expecting You
  8. Peak Helium IV
  9. The Young Ones
  10. Orwellian Woman (Medlar Remix)
  11. The Undying Overrated (BiggaBush Remix)
  12. Anxious Party People (Factory Floor / Gabe Gurnsey Remix)
  13. Peak Helium IV (Fancy Cat Remix)
  14. The Young Ones (Preservation Remix) [feat. Mike Ladd]
  15. Orwellian Woman (Medlar Remix)(cd only)
  16. The Undying Overrated (BiggaBush Remix)(cd only)
  17. Anxious Party People (Factory Floor / Gabe Gurnsey Remix)(cd only)
  18. Peak Helium IV (Fancy Cat Remix)(cd only)
  19. The Young Ones (Preservation Remix feat. Mike Ladd)(cd only)