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Pete Shelley



super limited 3lp boxset

Released: 15th Jun 2018

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shelley’s post-buzzcocks solo career is beautifully summarised by these two experimental, electronic pop records recorded at genetic studios, compiled along with 9 bonus tracks.

in 1982, one of the most extraordinary & influential albums of its era was released. ‘HOMOSAPIEN’ marked the beginning of Shelley’s innovative solo career. In 1981, Shelley was searching for a new sound & by chance Buzzcocks’ producer Martin Rushent already had one. Rushent’s new studio, Genetic, was equipped with synthesisers, drum machines & all the hardware that would come to define 80s pop. With new technology, the following album - ‘XL1’ - was a further step on for Shelley & featured the snarling, relentless ‘Telephone Operator’. The album is both more rocky & more electronic than its predecessor, paving the way not just for melodic synth-pop but also the “dance rock”, which would dominate the 80s.




  1. homosapien
  2. Yesterday’s Not Here
  3. I Generate a Feeling
  4. Keats Song
  5. Qu’est-Que C’Est, Que Ca 
  6. I  Don’t Know What It Is
  7. Guess I Must Have Been In Love With Myself
  8. Pusher Man
  9. Just One Of Those Affairs
  10. it’s Hard Enough Knowing


  1. Telephone Operator
  2. If You Ask Me (I Won’t Say No
  3. What Was Heaven?
  4. You Know Better Than I Know
  5. Twilight
  6. (Millions Of People)NO One Like You
  7. Many A Time
  8. I Just Wanna Touch
  9. You And I
  10. XL1

extra tracks

  1. Homosapien Dub
  2. Maxine
  3. Witness The Change
  4. IN Love With Somebody Else
  5. Love In Vain
  6. Qu’Est Que C’est Que Ca ( Flexi  Dub)
  7. Witness The Change?I Don’t Know What It Is (Dub Mix)
  8. Many A Time(Dub)
  9. Telephone Operator/I Just Wanna Touch/If You Ask Me(I Won’t Say No/Millions Of People/No One  Like You(Dub Mix)