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Anna Calvi


Domino Recording Co.


Released: 31st Aug 2018


180g lp + download

Released: 31st Aug 2018

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limited indies-only 180g red lp + download

Released: 31st Aug 2018


utterly uncompromising in both sound and scope – ‘hunter’ is every bit as bold, aggressive and operatic as we’d dare dream with moments of savages brutality, nick cave drama and lynch-ian sensibilities. Unapologetically feminist and decidedly combative towards gender norms, she’s channelled some of what makes jenny hval so compelling and moments of julee cruise tender beauty, before crashing into cavernous, ferocious, pj Harvey-eque glory. She's a singular performer in the best posible way - many try but none come close to her glorious gothic drama and she's only getting better.



  1. As a Man
  2. Hunter
  3. Don’t Beat The Girl out of My Boy
  4. Indies or Paradise
  5. Swimming Pool
  6. Alpha
  7. Chain
  8. Wish
  9. Away
  10. Eden