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Haruomi Hosono

Cochin Moon (2018 reissue)

light in the attic


Released: 28th Sep 2018



Released: 28th Sep 2018


Released in September 1978, a mere two months before YMO’s debut, Cochin Moon is a clear precursor to the groundbreaking synth and sequencer-dominated sounds that would come to define the iconic trio.

The record is a fictional soundtrack to a journey into unknown worlds, inspired by Hosono and Yokoo’s trip to India. after Yokoo introduced Hosono to the sounds of Kraftwerk and krautrock during the trip, ‘Cochin Moon’ became something much stranger than originally anticipated. Created almost entirely on synthesisers and sequencers with the help of future YMO collaborators Ryuichi Sakamoto and Hideki Matsutake, the music on the album is the perfect encapsulation of Hosono’s concept of “sightseeing music,” transporting the listener to an exotic place that may or may not exist. “intrepid pop pioneer reissued for the first time outside japan” 9/10 – uncut.

Cochin Moon (2018 reissue)


  1. Ground Floor
  2. Triangle Circuit on the Sea-Forest
  3. Upper Floor
  4. Moving Triangle
  5. Roof Garden
  6. Revel Attack
  7. Hepatitis
  8. Hum Ghar Sajan
  9. Madam Consul General of Madras