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three crows records


Released: 10th Aug 2018


2 lp

Released: 10th Aug 2018


the 4th Studio Album by the acclaimed multi-instrumentalist is the border where classic British folk meets the sound of wandering American troubadours with a healthy dose of inspiration from the unknown.

Amongst the mysticism of ‘Anamnesis’ - a word which Johns defines as "the loss of forgetfulness” - you'll find delicate, Townes Van Zandt-esque fiddle-laden tales of full moons and fireflies (The Road To Ever More), chugging recollections of riding the lightning (Runaway Train) and dreamy rememberings of moody pool halls and East LA (Lost In Time). the fact that at times he sounds like Richard Thompson fronting The Band - which he truly, brilliantly does - should come as no surprise. The Grateful Dead are another US act whose presence can be felt throughout the album's 15 tracks, notably their 1974 album ‘From The Mars Hotel’.



  1. The Invitation
  2. Runaway train
  3. Ruskin’s Farthing
  4. Jackie Lee
  5. Leaving It All Behind
  6. Out Of The wild
  7. The Knot of Aurelius Augustine
  8. Lost in time
  9. Couldn’t let go
  10. O.K. Pilgrim
  11. 21st century Paranoid Blues
  12. Spare a thought for Katie Bell
  13. Reality Dance
  14. The Road To Evermore
  15. Caught Up In The Hard Times / Only One / The Wedding