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Released: 3rd Aug 2018



Released: 3rd Aug 2018


The nz underground godfather composes more moving, abstract guitar soundscapes, but this time allows them to soar with the addition of a wonderful group of guest vocalists including liz harris (grouper), julianna barwick, and circuit des yeux.

Its ambient shoegaze come to life, as each voice propels his overwhelming tides of treated guitar into human yet otherworldly realms. Also appearing is Jessica Larrabee (She Keeps Bees), Katie Von Schleicher, and Purple Pilgrims. These compositions generously embrace their guest leaders, and for the first time in his career, Roy Montgomery has made a cogent artistic argument as to why he shouldn’t be singing these songs himself. Play loud and be swept away.



  1. Apparition (w/ Haley Fohr)
  2. Rainbird (w/ She Keeps Bees)
  3. Outsider Love Ballad No 1 (w/ Katie Von Schleicher)
  4. Mirage (w/ Purple Pilgrims)
  5. Sigma Octantis (w/ Julianna Barwick)
  6. Landfall (w/ Liz Harris)