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bob moses




Released: 14th Sep 2018


deluxe indies-only clear 2lp + download

Released: 14th Sep 2018


Meshing smouldering guitar licks, industrial dance-floor ambience and classic, richly melodic  songwriting, the duo have created a sound that will appeal equally to club goers and rock fans.

Inspired by their time playing raves and rock clubs all over the globe, ‘Battle Lines’ takes a harder look at the world in which they find themselves. “This record is about the battles and struggles we all live through,” says the duo—Vancouver-bred, Los Angeles-based Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance—of the new album. “Battles within ourselves, battles with and within our society, battles between each other, with our loved ones, battles between ideologies. It’s also about the struggle to reconcile with those things, somehow.” fans of claptone, Interpol and howling should check this out.



  1. Heaven Only Knows
  2. Battle Lines
  3. Back Down
  4. Eye For An Eye
  5. The Only Thing We Know
  6. Nothing But You
  7. Enough To Believe
  8. Listen To Me
  9. Selling Me Sympathy
  10. Don’t Hold Back
  11. Fallen From Your Arms