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Preacherman Plays T.J. Hustler’s Greatest Hits



Released: 12th Oct 2018


lp + download

Released: 12th Oct 2018


if you haven’t already, don’t pass up the chance to dive into a glittering world of disco synth-pop.

Tim Jones - aka Preacherman – has recorded under Midi Man, Ironing Board Band and Tj Hustler. He made one very rare lp, and two even rarer CDs. These tracks are from the CDs. Thinking he wasn’t much of a live performer, he had a wooden puppet made that he named T.J Hustler, and together with the puppet, he would engage in long philosophical soliloquies, (some of which are featured on this album). this is a must for fans of William onyeabor.


Preacherman Plays T.J. Hustler’s Greatest Hits


  1. That’s Good
  2. Feel it
  3. Tell Me Why
  4. Out Of this World
  5. Age Of Individualism
  6. Up and Down
  7. The Wrong Way