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Jeffrey & Jack Lewis

City & Eastern Songs

don giovanni

LP + download

Released: 14th Sep 2018

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very limited clear lp + download including 5 bonus songs

Released: 26th Oct 2018

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The perfect mash-up between Jeffrey’s previous lo-fi songwriting efforts and later full-band releases, this album features all-time fan-favourite tracks like ‘Don’t Be Upset’ and ‘Anxiety Attack’.

The classic third album from Jeffrey Lewis, originally released on CD by Rough Trade Records in 2005, appearing on vinyl for the first time, fully remastered and with bonus material inserts! this album, the first studio production in the Jeffrey Lewis discography, established Jeffrey Lewis (and his co-credited brother Jack) as an undeniable force to be reckoned with. Not to mention the jaw-dropping shaggy-dog Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror, the closest thing the 21st Century hipster generation has ever had to boasting their own generation-defining Alice’s Restaurant Massacre. The rock songs rock and the folk songs dazzle.

City & Eastern Songs


  1. Andare
  2. Footsteps In The Shadows
  3. Texas Is My Mother
  4. Teenage Luggage
  5. Something Blue
  6. Outlaw For You
  7. Amor Puro
  8. Waiting For Me
  9. How Many Times
  10. Cherry Blossom Rain
  11. Sonica USA
  12. Rio Navidad
  13. Silver City
  14. Fury And Fire
  15. Flying
  16. MC Overload
  17. The Crossing