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Released: 7th Sep 2018


2LP with 18 (!!) non Album tracks previous released as EP’s.

Some of his best material ever now on vinyl for the first time. The four EP’s with exclusive material, There For, Dead End, Black Valley and Hold On Lioness (2003-2018).



  1. Hold On Lioness
  2. Northern Lights
  3. An Empty Glass
  4. Defender
  5. One Good Moment
  6. Satan
  7. You Are My Sunshine
  8. If Ou Really Wanna Know
  9. One More Drink
  10. You Won't Last Long
  11. Never Gonna Get To You
  12. Ode To….
  13. Still Miss
  14. Is It Really Over?
  15. So much for staying alive
  16. Black Valley Theme
  17. Finally Home
  18. The Blackest Pond