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Released: 21st Sep 2018


Hailing from the steepest Alpine summits of Switzerland, THE REVOX are here to deliver 10 new stomping pieces of wild Rock & Roll and are ready to kick you in the most sensible parts of your anatomy!!! Recorded and mixed at the all‐analog Shirts Off Studio in Bern by the talented Sebastian Zwahlen along with the tedious production talents of Robert Butler, plus equalization and mastering perfection by the mysterious Adi Flück from Centraldubs in Bern ‐ this LP will certainly make you dance, unless you got no soul.

THE REVOX are musically oriented towards the mid‐sixties – their trademark is raw, fuzzy garage punk with screaming vocals and pure energy. After their first two albums “The Revox Vol.1“ and “Lazy Sunshine“ and most recently their wild 7“ “Talk About Her“ (out on VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS), their latest LP “In Mono“ (released on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS) continues that very trademark‐sound. A wild, punky coverversion of the classic “Hey Joe“ bearing a touch of Arthur Lee's LOVE marks the sole exception among otherwise all originals. If it is the catchy “Father in Low“, the fiery “I Need Love“ or the multi‐faceted “Axis“ ‐ the trio sure knows how to make great music! Don't miss out on this fantastic album and be prepared to go on a wild journey with these boys!



  1. Father in Low
  2. Gloria Stompers
  3. Three For Love
  4. i Need Love
  5. Out Of My Mind
  6. Axis
  7. Never Ending Trip
  8. She's So Fine
  9. Hey Joe
  10. Beyond The Dreams
  11. Of My Youth