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Sandro Perri

In Another Life



Released: 12th Oct 2018


180g lp + download

Released: 12th Oct 2018


Horizontal music in terms of both structure and the effect it will have on you, this is surely some of the most relaxing music ever conceived – especially if the likes of bill callahan, destroyer and arthur russell float your gently bobbing boat.

Described as an exercise in ‘infinite songwriting’, these two movements settle into salubrious grooves and loop into forever with gradually repeated lines, intoxicating guitar flourishes, and slowly evolving musical patterns. The title track is a 24-minute pop mantra for sequenced synth, piano, guitar and voice, progressing sideways with a three-chord vamp and perri’s languid, lilting vocal. Side Two features a similar approach, though in a distinct 3-part series with André Ethier (The Deadly Snakes) and Dan Bejar (Destroyer) offering verses. An incredibly Meditative, harmonious, playful album somehow both profound and vaporous. “quiet rebukes of the mania of modern life” 8.1 - pitchfork

In Another Life


  1. In Another Life
  2. Everybody’s Paris Pt 1
  3. Everybody’s Paris Pt 2 (feat. André Ethier)
  4. Everybody’s Paris Pt 3 (feat. Dan Bejar)