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The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon



Released: 5th Oct 2018


limited exclusive "luminous" 2lp + download

Released: 5th Oct 2018


the indomitable Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant revisit some of their greatest songs to rearrange and transform them, alongside a couple of brand new tracks.

Echo & the Bunnymen's dark, swirling fusion of post-punk and The Doors/The Velvets-inspired pop psychedelia has brought the group twenty top 20 hits and nine top 20 albums in the UK so far in their 40-year career. Their seminal albums 'Crocodiles', 'Heaven Up Here', 'Porcupine' and 'Ocean Rain' have been a major influence for acts such as Coldplay, The Killers and The Flaming Lips whilst later albums 'Evergreen' and 'What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?' and 'Siberia & Meteorites' demonstrate what an amazing body of work the band have.

The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon


  1. Bring on the Dancing Horses A
  2. The Somnambulist A
  3. Nothing Lasts Forever A
  4. Lips Like Sugar A
  5. Rescue B
  6. Rust B
  7. Angels & Devils B
  8. Bedbugs & Ballyhoo B
  9. Zimbo C
  10. Stars Are Stars C
  11. Seven Seas C
  12. Ocean Rain C
  13. The Cutter D
  14. How Far? D
  15. The Killing Moon D