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extremely limited lp in risograph sleeve

Released: 12th Oct 2018

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an evocative, funky, charming and hugely satisfying listen that takes in various moods and genres, all lovingly produced on vintage gear by 9 musicians from the French indie scene under different pseudonyms.

It’s possible that only hardcore Francophiles are likely to be aware of (m)any of them but regardless of that if you're a fan of synths, soundtracks & library music this could well be up there with your albums of the year. The gorgeous design on the sleeve was printed by a risograph machine.



  1. Gianni Moretto - Hall
  2. Pierric Gildas - Funiculaire Amoureux
  3. Etienne Valino - Habits
  4. Bernold Delgoda - Belvédère
  5. Antonin Fortin - Gare de l'Est
  6. La Hase - Contradictions
  7. Amosphère - Par Temps Clair
  8. Etienne Valino - Detroit
  9. Gianni Moretto - Discothèque
  10. Pierric Gildas - Caniveaux
  11. Bernold Delgoda - Criterium
  12. Antonin Fortin & Julius Hermann - Réseaux Atmosphériques
  13. Pierric Gildas & Madeleine Byblos - Bâteaux -Mouches
  14. Etienne Valino - April F5
  15. Pierric Gildas & Madeleine Byblos - Migration Pendulaire
  16. Gianni Moretto - Parking Souterrain
  17. Etienne Valino - Pressure Drop
  18. Gianni Moretto - Farewell