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Ruby Throat

Stone dress

One Little Indian


Released: 9th Nov 2018


2LP + cd + download

Released: 9th Nov 2018


The duo’s tranquil, melodically sublime brand of neo-folk offers a beguiling chance to escape into a snuggly dreamworld that fans of scandi-folk will adore.

Ruby Throat formed in 2007 during the time in which KatieJane Garside's band Queenadreena was in stages of dissolution. Known for the hard-edged musical aesthetic of Garside's former bands Daisy Chainsaw and Queenadreena, Garside sought a stripped down, folk-oriented sound when forming Ruby Throat, with many of the duo's songs being based around acoustic guitar and evoking a folk noir sound.

Stone dress


  1. Stone Dress
  2. Swan and the Minotaur
  3. Also Elizabeth, Daughter of the Above
  4. Dog Song
  5. Bus Stop On Holloway Road
  6. Beneath My Undress
  7. In the Arms of Flowers
  8. Marybell (Rides Into Town On a Pig)
  9. Rake
  10. Billows Her Skirt
  11. Hu'u
  12. Ghost Boy
  13. Track name (2cd only)
  14. Arctic Fox (2cd only)
  15. Salto Anglel (2cd only)
  16. O'doubt O'stars (2cd only)
  17. House of Thieves (2cd only)
  18. Barebaiting (2cd only)
  19. Out of Black Cloud Came a Bird (2cd only)
  20. { } (2cd only)